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1.     CHECK – IN

ü  Passengers must be present at the IZDENIZ Sales Office in İzmir Port to complete the check-in procedures at the latest 1.5 hours before the departure time in order to carry out passport and visa checks.

ü  After passing the Passport Control Point, the tickets are checked at the ship's entrance. Passengers with tickets that have been cancelled, re-dated or suspended for any reason will not be allowed on board.


ü  Those who have TRNC entry in their passport are not accepted to Greece. Passengers who want to enter Greece even though their passport contains the TRNC entry, are deemed to have accepted and undertaken the financial and legal responsibility in advance. Therefore, IZDENIZ is not responsible for the situation of passengers who cannot enter the country.




  Passenger should purchase the ticket by his/her full name written in the passport.


Change in the Name on the Ticket:

  Passenger tickets issued to the name cannot be transferred, resold to someone else, and no changes in the name can be made.


Ticket Refund and Change:


However, IZDENIZ has the right to suspend and re-date its tickets once, or to re-date them once, provided that they notify 24 hours before the departure time. Change in the name and refund requests will not be accepted.

Open Tickets:

  Open tickets must be closed within 15 days from the date of suspension. The validity period of the open ticket is valid until the last voyage day of the season. A ticket not used until the last voyage of the season automatically expires.


  IZDENIZ is obliged to fulfill the scheduled voyages that it has announced and has not announced to cancel, and undertakes to make the necessary effort to transport/carry the passengers and baggage in a reasonable time. IZDENIZ saves the right to change the navigation tariffs, continue on the travel or suspend transportation in extraordinary and force majeure situations (weather conditions and sea conditions, deactivation of port facilities, prevention of voyage by the administration, strike, etc.). If the voyage is canceled due to extraordinary and force majeure reasons, the amount paid will be refunded to the ticket holders within 30 days.

  In case of adverse weather and sea conditions, the captain of the ship may change the destination port in cases where the life safety of the passengers will be endangered.

  IZDENIZ is not responsible for accommodation, food and beverage expenses that may arise as a result of extraordinary and force majeure caused by reasons beyond IZDENIZ's control.


  Passengers with special circumstances (allergy, illness, etc.) should be informed 48 hours before departure to the IZDENIZ Sales Office located in İzmir Port.

  It is not possible to travel with pets.

  Passengers who desire to join the Izmir - Lesvos trips can join with their bicycles, provided notifying during the ticket reservation. The capacity of the İhsan Alyanak Passenger Ship is 10 bicycles



  IZDENIZ does not charge any fee other than the travel fee for the luggage that the passenger can bring to the ship. Passengers can only keep one suitcase or handbag on board during the travel.

  Apart from this, the extra baggage with the passenger will be recorded by the relevant ship personnel and kept in a safe place. Passengers cannot keep fragile and perishable items, money, jewellery, precious metals, silverware, promissory notes or other commercially valuable papers, passports and other identity documents or samples in their recorded luggage. IZDENIZ is not responsible for the damages and losses that may arise from keeping the items listed in this article in the luggage and cannot be claimed from IZDENIZ. Pursuant to international rules; for items that are not accepted as luggage, the right of "Refusal of Carriage" is held by the carrier. Customer's indemnity provisions are void in relation to carrier refusal.


  The passenger is obliged to obey all the instructions of the captain regarding the order on board. If the passenger acts in a way that endanger the ship or any person or property, or prevents the ship's crew from performing their duties, or does not follow the ship's crew instructions, or causes reasonable objections from other passengers, IZDENIZ may take the measures it deems necessary to prevent the continuation of such behavior, including arresting the passenger.


  IZDENIZ may refuse to transport passengers and luggage in the following and similar situations for security reasons or by using its discretion. IZDENIZ saves the right to refuse transportation of any person who has obtained a ticket in violation of the applicable laws or IZDENIZ's fare tariffs or rules, if the passenger poses any risk or danger to other persons or goods, does not comply with IZDENIZ's instructions, refuses the security check. It is strictly forbidden to transport all kinds of flammable, explosive and radioactive cargoes, etc., which are within the scope of the international "IMDG Code" agreement on the transportation of dangerous goods at sea. It is forbidden to carry dangerous goods, firearms and ammunition used for purposes other than hunting and sports, materials that are fragile or perishable or that are not suitable for transportation in terms of weight and size in accordance with IZDENIZ's opinion.


ü  Children under the age of 16 can only travel with an accompanying person. According to IZDENIZ rules, the acceptance of unaccompanied children, passengers in need of assistance, pregnant women or sick persons for transportation may only be subject to prior negotiations and arrangements with IZDENIZ. IZDENIZ is not responsible if the passenger's sanitary condition deteriorates during the travel.

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