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Where is the departure point for Izmir Alsancak – Midilli voyages? What type of ships are you traveling with?


Passenger ships going to Lesbos depart from Izmir Alsancak Port. Expeditions are carried out by high-speed catamaran type cruise ships.



On which days and times do Izmir Alsancak – Midilli voyages operate?


You can get information about sailing dates and times from bilet.izdeniz.com.tr.


Where to buy Izmir Alsancak – Lesbos voyage tickets?


You can purchase your ticket online at bilet.izdeniz.com.tr or from the İZDENİZ sales office in Izmir Port or from our authorized agents on the website.


You can get information at acente@izdeniz.com.tr or by calling 0501 535 35 35.


How much is the ticket price for Izmir Alsancak – Lesbos voyages?


Izmir – Lesbos Voyages;



Ticket Fees

0-7 ages (Round trip)                                                           8 Euro

0-7 ages (One-way)                                                              5 Euro


8-18 ages (Round trip)                                                       34 Euro

8-18 ages (One-way)                                                       22,5 Euro


Full Ticket (Round trip)                                                      68 Euro

Full Ticket  (One-way)                                                        45 Euro




Ticket Fees

0-7 ages (Round trip)                                                          8 Euro

0-7 ages (One-way)                                                              5 Euro


8-18 ages (Round trip)                                                        30 Euro

8-18 ages (One-way)                                                           20 Euro


Full Ticket (Round trip)                                                       60 Euro

Full Ticket  (One-way)                                                         40 Euro



·      Calculations will be made based on the exchange rate on the day you purchased the ticket, and payment will be received in TL.

·      If one of the round-trip tickets falls on a weekend, the weekend ticket price will be valid.


How long does the Izmir Alsancak – Lesbos trip take?


The distance of Lesbos Island to Izmir Alsancak Port is 64 nautical miles. The journey takes a maximum of 2 hours and 45 minutes depending on weather and sea conditions.


Do I need a passport to enter Lesbos Island?


A valid passport, Schengen or gate visa is required to enter Lesbos Island.


What should be the passport validity period?


In order to travel between Izmir Alsancak and Lesbos, the validity period of the passenger passport must be at least 3 months or more as of the date of return. Entry to Greece is not allowed with passports older than 10 years, even if the validity period is appropriate.


Is it possible to travel from Izmir Alsancak to Lesbos by car?


Izmir Alsancak – Lesbos trips are made by passenger ship and vehicles are not transported.



What currency is valid on Lesbos?


Shopping is done in EURO on Lesbos Island. You must obtain the foreign currency in advance.


From where is the departure fee abroad paid?


Passengers traveling abroad with a Republic of Turkey Passport are charged a fee per exit. The fee must be paid by the passenger before the journey from contracted banks or online.


Can those with a TRNC entry stamp in their passport and those born in TRNC enter Lesbos Island? 


Turkish citizens born in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are not allowed to enter the country if their passport contains the phrase TRNC along with their place of birth. For example, "Nicosia – TRNC".


Those with TRNC entry in their passports are not accepted to Greece.

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